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Advanced Bariatric Clinic

Advanced Bariatric Clinic

SS Diabetes and Obesity Clinic

Advanced Bariatrics

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Obesity Cure

We Offer :

With Our Special Unique Personalised Treatment , Achieve the Following with 100 % Success

Guranteed Diabetes Reversal Program and Diabetes Control Program

Avoid and Stop taking multiple Diabetes Tablets and dependence on multiple Tabs

Avoid and Stop Insulin Injections and Insulin dependence

Avoid and Save from Multiple Complications of Diabetes

Avoid becoming Pre Diabetic and Diabetic

Lose Weight 1/2 Kg per Week in a Safe and Healthy way and Maintain Reduced Weight

Obesity Cure Program : Reduce upto 25 Kg Excess Body Weight in One Year and 50 Kg in Two Years

PCOS Infertility with Obesity : Fertility Improves upon Reduction of Obesity

Loose Belly Fat and achieve Great Looks and Great Health

Avoid the need for Bariatric Surgery for Weight Reduction in Hyderabad and in India

Avoid Lipo Suction Surgery for Belly Fat in Hyderabad.

Avoid and save from Multiple Complications of Obesity and OverWeight

You can avoid Bariatric Surgery in Hyderabad

We reduce your excess weight 20 Kg 40 Kg or 60 Kg in Natural and Scientific methods.

Happy Patients


Three months ago, I began this program. I wasn't in good physical shape when I began my journey. I used to dislike myself and find it awkward to be around loved ones. Because I used to be thin, everyone would enquire as to what had occurred. I started following the advanced bariatric clinic weight loss program and eating healthily. In three months, I dropped 15 kg. Test out this program and have confidence in yourself. You are capable of doing it.


At 163 lbs, I started my weight loss journey in June 2020. I took the recommended supplements and worked out every day for an hour, primarily by walking and doing modest weights—I averaged 10K steps per day. In addition, I followed the supplied meal plans and ate wholesome meals. I managed to lose 23 pounds overall, get to my target BMI of 24.4 by October, and slim down.


My experience has been wonderful and beneficial. I had a difficult time losing weight until recently. During this delicate time, the employees at this centre are excellent, helpful, and thoughtful. I now eat differently, exercise more frequently, and feel better about myself overall. Advanced Bariatric Clinic, thank you. Since my adventure has not ended, we shall go on until I accomplish my objective.