Bariatric And Obesity Doctor In Hyderabad

Bariatric And Obesity Doctor In Hyderabad

You can avoid Bariatric Surgery in Hyderabad

We reduce your excess weight 20 Kg 40 Kg or 60 Kg in Natural and Scientific methods.

BMI (Body Mass Index) :

BMI is the Clinical Method of measuring Obesity:

Internationally: Above 25 is Over Weight, Above 30 is Obesity.

For Indians and South Asians : 

above 23 is Over Weight,

above 25 is Obesity  ;

Indians have more Abdominal Obesity ( Belly Fat ) than Europeans .

Indians have more fat compared to Muscle Mass.

Increase in Abdominal Obesity directly increases risk of Diabetes.

In India Diabetic People , there is high Prevalence of Abdominal Obesity, compared to Generalized Body Obesity 

Avoid Bariatric Surgery Unless it is Compulsory 
Always avoid Liposuctions