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Weight loss centers in Hyderabad

Best Slimming and Weight Loss Center for Women In Hyderabad

Weight loss centers in Hyderabad

Looking for a slimming centre in Hyderabad? Look nowhere else! With individualised programmes and a holistic approach to weight management, our weight loss centre in Hyderabad is committed to assisting people in reaching their weight loss objectives.

Our experienced team of professionals, which consists of nutritionists, fitness specialists, and wellness coaches, works to offer personalised weight loss programmes based on each person’s needs and goals. To help our clients lose weight permanently, we use cutting-edge technology and approaches like body composition analysis, individualised dietary planning, and workout regimens.

We are committed to providing our clients in Hyderabad with safe, efficient, and cost-effective weight loss solutions so they may look and feel their best. Make an appointment with us right away to get started on the path to a healthier, happier you!

BMI is the Clinical Method of measuring Obesity

Internationally: Above 25 is Over Weight, Above 30 is Obesity. For Indians and South Asians above 23 is Over Weight, and Obesity is above 25 ;

Also equally Important is Waist Circumference ; Indians have more Abdominal Obesity (Belly Fat) than Europeans Indians have more fat compared to Muscle Mass.

Increase in Abdominal Obesity directly increases risk of Diabetes. There is high Prevalence of Abdominal Obesity, compared to Generalized Body Obesity, in Diabetic people in India.

Looking for advice on managing your excess weight and want to be a slim body?

Consult with us right away to create a customized strategy for your goals!