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Cholesterol Management

Cholesterol Management

Fatty deposits begin to accumulate in blood vessels when there is an excess of Glucose in the blood.

Blood flow is impeded as a result, which may result in a heart attack or stroke.

There are frequently no symptoms or warning signals of high Bad Cholesterol. Consequently, it’s crucial to get routine Complete Lipid tests.

A frequent checkup by a medical practitioner is the only method to determine if your Bad cholesterol is high.

The risks of major issues linked to excessive Bad Cholesterol are increased by the factors listed below:

Smoking, high blood pressure, being overweight, andĀ diabetesĀ are all risk factors.

To help lower your bad cholesterol and enhance your heart health, it’s crucial to adjust your lifestyle, especially some of the items you eat.

To help you control your cholesterol and lessen your chance of suffering a heart attack or stroke, you might also need to take cholesterol-lowering medications ( Statins ) .

The chance of developing new heart issues can be decreased by lowering your Bad Cholesterol level, which can be accomplished in part by enjoying a nutritious diet.

Our bariatric doctors successfully prevent and cure high bad cholesterol in their patients.

Our high-bad cholesterol patient preventive strategies and therapies can lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, and other potentially fatal illnesses.

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